Important changes in civil procedure

We are pleased to announce that a new article has appeared on our legal blog, in which we discuss important changes introduced by the amendment to civil procedure entitled: “Important changes in civil procedure”. It is worth familiarizing yourself with them, as they will have a significant impact on civil justice in the near future.

The main topic of the article is the introduction of an amendment to the substantive jurisdiction criteria of common courts, more specifically, the amount criterion. It has been raised from 75,000 zlotys to 100,000 zlotys, which will help to evenly burden courts at different levels and speed up the resolution of cases.

The amendment also introduces a new type of attorney, the so-called attorney for service, who will only be authorized to receive court letters. In addition, professional attorneys will have more responsibilities, including clear separation of statements, claims and motions in pleadings.

The article by our Team member Damian Nowicki also discusses the amendment to bailiff service, which has already stirred up controversy when it appeared in 2019. The new regulation will allow for more efficient and effective action in this regard.

We invite you to read the full article on our legal blog page. Read more:

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