Damian Nowicki

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Barrister with many years of litigation experience and leader of the litigation and debt collection department at our law firm. He also renders day-to-day legal services to business entities.

For several years he has been assisting borrowers in disputes with banks regarding loans indexed and denominated to foreign currencies, in particular the so-called Swiss Franc loans.

In addition to his involvement in the broadly understood activities related to civil law, barrister Damian Nowicki, also handles criminal cases – he assists wronged companies and individual clients, and undertakes defense in the field of economic crimes, common crimes, as well as traffic offenses.

He runs a popular blog and administers Facebook groups discussing issues related to traffic law.

In his practice as a barrister, he has also dealt with family cases, including those of an international nature, such as child abduction and cases between spouses coming from different countries.



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