Social activities – Pro Bono services

Being aware of the special nature of the profession of attorney-at-law, which entails strict professional duties, we voluntarily and free of charge make every effort to provide legal protection to individuals who, for various reasons, find themselves in a difficult financial situation, and also to selected non-governmental organizations.

We also support athletes and sports clubs in matters that are often complicated by their nature and that are additionally, heated up by sports emotions. We also provide support in international cases that require proficiency in foreign languages and knowledge of foreign legal systems. In doing so, we contribute to the development of sports and fair-play in competition in our country..

In addition to individuals, we offer our voluntary legal support to non-governmental institutions such as foundations, organizations or associations that do not have sufficient funds to seek paid legal assistance. The decision on awarding professional legal assistance is made individually, in each case, based on an analysis of the particularly difficult circumstances as demonstrated by the entity seeking help. The Firm reserves the right to refuse granting free legal assistance without giving reasons for its decision.