Agriculture & food industry

Ongoing and comprehensive support provided to the agri-food industry has remained an important area of specialization of the Law Firm TURCZA since its inception. Our extensive experience is based on our many years of providing services to market-recognized entities operating in the field of food production and processing, as well as the distribution and transportation of food products and their trade. The Law Firm's team includes lawyers who are not only broadly qualified and competent, but, above all, are familiar with these issues and implement well-developed and proven knowledge.

Our barristers and attorneys-at-law have extensive knowledge of, frequently niche, legal issues relating to: agricultural crops, feed, animal feeding, breeding, slaughter and cutting procedures, including in the areas of ritual slaughter. Therefore, we are ready to provide professional assistance in the field of handling agricultural investments as well as livestock production, restructuring of activities, obtaining of subsidies and representation before the Agency for Restructuring and Modernization of Agriculture. In our practice there is also legal support in contacts with veterinary authorities, the State Labor Inspectorate and trade inspections.

We continuously support several operators in the agricultural sector, including both crop producers and animal breeders. We have also set up and supervise the legal operation of Agricultural Producer Groups, with regards to, among other things, reporting obligations to the competent authorities and institutions. We are partners of the National Association of Employers - Pigs Producers POLPIG.

The Law Firm has been continuously providing legal assistance to production entities in the food industry for many years. In view of the above, the lawyers from our Law Firm's Team, have extensive knowledge of the regulations governing both the production and marketing of food products, including, in particular, the production of meat and cold cuts. The law firm has also participated in disputes concerning the quality of food products, and the protection of patent rights to such products and recipes for such products.

We also recommend our legal blog for the food and agriculture industry, as well as for hunting and trapping, where we continuously publish the latest articles prepared by our Team.

Our experience

✅ Ongoing legal services to large companies in the food industry.
✅Experience with the regulations governing the production of foodstuffs.
✅ Extensive experience in lawsuits related to product quality claims and complaints.
✅ Establishment and support of one of the first agricultural producer groups in Poland.
✅Permanent legal services for several slaughterhouses, including one of the largest in Poland.

How we can help?

Trading in agricultural real estate

Obtaining approvals from the National Agricultural Support Center

Preparation of contracting agreements

Preparing lease agreements

Reimbursements for sowing on leased land

Obtaining decisions and permits

Compensation in connection with African swine fever virus

Compensation for hunting damage

Dissolution of co-ownership of an agricultural holding

Membership in agricultural cooperatives

Investigation of the legal status of the property

Exclusion of land from agricultural production

Representation before Agency for Restructuring and Modernization of Agriculture

Conducting administrative proceedings


Cooperation with agricultural producers

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