In our work we follow not only the ethics of the profession, but also the business ethics, and our superior goal is to ensure the Client’s satisfaction by providing a high level of services, based on ongoing analysis and interpretation of changes in the law.

Thus, you are kindly invited to work with our Law Firm, and we do hope that we will be able to not only give you a helping hand, but also to be your legal right hand in the future.

Why are we noteworthy?

The TURCZA Law Firm provides comprehensive, permanent and professional legal services in all aspects of their business. The many years of experience of our team in serving demanding business clients, provides a guarantee that we will help with choosing the best solutions while providing reliable assistance.

Over the years, our law firm has dealt with many difficult issues and cases concerning the enterprises served. Due to the significant market position of our clients, these cases have often been precedent-setting, at least in part.

Our mission is to be “your legal right hand in business” because we want – and we make every effort – to ensure that our Clients perceive us in their enterprises as:

  • the first source of legal information,
  • a professional and efficient source of support in all legal matters,
  • a permanent and inseparable element of their existence,
  • a reliable and trustworthy mainstay of legal knowledge,
  • a partner who will always offer a helping hand.

In other words, in legal matters of our Clients we want to be their right hand – a continuously (at hand) available source of support that is permanently connected with the Client’s business organism, and can be trusted and relied upon at all times.

The mission we have adopted is “A legal hand in business”. In our cooperation with clients, we emphasize long-term and sustainable mutual relations. We believe that building trust in our relations with the Client is a time-consuming process, but it is very necessary to achieve the mutual satisfaction resulting from strong cooperation.

As a team of young and energetic lawyers, we believe in the purposefulness and legitimacy of such a model of work with our Clients, because the base of our several-years-long professional experience has been built from scratch, precisely on this approach to the Client. Working as full-time lawyers in corporations, as early as several years ago, we learned to understand the importance of the stability and availability of a lawyer for the smooth functioning of an organization. And now, in creating our Law Firm on the basis of our experience, we have decided to translate this knowledge into the way our organization operates and the goals that we pursue.

In the present composition, our team is a group of lawyers with a diverse and wide range of professional experience. Together, and individually, we have all been involved in the legal undertakings of our Clients, with varying levels of complexity and comprehensiveness. Each one of us has their favorite area of law and interests, which gives us the opportunity to pursue directional development in the chosen specialization. Therefore, we are a structure that has been designed to support entrepreneurs as a complementary and cohesive team of professionals.


Law Firm Folder

We encourage you to download our folder, which provides comprehensive information about our law firm. In it you will find not only data about our services, but also about our experience, teams of lawyers and the areas of law we deal with. The folder is available in Polish and English.

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kancelaria Radców Prawnych Turcza

First steps on the market

Since its establishment in 2007, our firm has provided legal services to a wide range of business clients. The choice of solutions depends on the specifics of the client's business and type of case. We cooperate with notaries, tax advisors, appraisers, experts, other law firms from Poland and abroad and other specialists.

We have also found ourselves on the list of the largest law firms in Poland according to the daily newspaper ”Rzeczpospolita” several times.

New location in Leszno

In September 2017, our office in Leszno changed its address. Our branch is currently located at 49 Niepodległości St. in Mini-centrum, Leszno, on the first floor.

Joining the National Chamber of Restructuring Advisors

In October 2017, our Law Firm set its sights on developing in areas of law related to comprehensive services for entrepreneurs and companies - including bankruptcy and restructuring law.

In order to best serve our clients, on behalf of our Law Firm, Restructuring Advisor Ms. Katarzyna Turcza joined the National Chamber of Restructuring Advisors - a group that brings together specialists in the field in question.

Joining The Law Firm Network

In November 2017, we were accepted as a member of the worldwide organization operating under the name The Law Firm Network. This organization brings together law firms from 62 countries around the world.

The participation of our law firm, as the only one from Poland, opens for us and our clients, access to a market of professional legal services with global reach.

What is more, the network's mission is not only to provide legal assistance to individual members of the organization and their clients, but also to promote and build international cooperation in the areas of business activity.

Establishment of the agroprawnik.pl website

Our extensive experience is based, among other things, on many years of servicing market-recognized entities in the area of food production and processing, as well as distribution, transportation of food products and trade.

The Law Firm's Team includes lawyers who are not only broadly qualified and competent, but, above all, are familiar with the above-mentioned issues, and with developed and proven know-how, hence the creation of our agroprawnik.pl blog on agricultural issues in December 2017.

Establishment of the biznesprawnik.pl website

In January 2018, we started publishing articles edited for you on our legal blog - businprawnik.pl. The design of the blog allows our publications to be read in a conveniently manner, while constant content updates allow you to stay up to date.

We invite you to read it and also encourage you to give us your suggestions for topics of articles that would be of interest from your point of view.

Change of location - 144 Palacza St.

In March 2019, our law firm changed its headquarters. Our offices were relocated to the Palacza Office Center at 144 Palacza St. in Poznan.

Joining the Automotive Market Lawyers Association

In February 2020, The Law Firm TURCZA joined the Automotive Industry Lawyers Association. This association brings together dozens of lawyers who are attorneys-at law, barristers and tax advisors.

Providing services to the Automotive sector is an important specialization of our Law Firm, and we have been supporting recognizable companies in this industry for a number of years. We place great emphasis on taking measures to provide our clients with the highest quality services. We make sure that we keep pace with the current trends in the automotive industry.

Change of location - 56 Grochowska St.

The Law Firm, due to its constant development and increasing number of lawyers, attorneys-at-law and barristers, required more space, both for work and meetings with clients, and for this reason we moved to new premises at 56 Grochowska St. in Poznan.

Współpracujemy z renomowanymi partnerami biznesowymi i posiadamy liczne referencje, które potwierdzają naszą profesjonalność i skuteczność.

Tenth anniversary of the law firm

On Thursday, 11.17.2021, we celebrated the 10th anniversary of TURCZA Law Firm on the Poznan legal services market. Despite the often long distances and other objective obstacles, the celebration was attended by many of our regular clients.

Enlargement of the Team with experienced professionals

In August 2023, our law firm expanded with the addition of two more attorneys at law who completed their professional training, thus continuing their careers in our Team. The attorneys at law, already affiliated with our law firm, have successfully completed their professional training, further strengthening our ability to serve our clients at the highest level. We are proud of their achievements and are confident that they will bring valuable experience in the legal field for the benefit of our business partners.