Automotive industry

The Law Firm TURCZA can boast many years of experience in providing legal services to car dealers, used car lots, and authorized car repair and service workshops as well as other entities operating in the broadly understood area of automotive industry. With our great expertise, we are able to respond precisely to the needs of entrepreneurs by providing them with full, professional support in line with their current needs, this includes the preparation of model documents and procedures, debt collection, labor law, support in the purchase or sale of properties and tax law.

We actively cooperate with the Association of Car Dealers, the Polish Chamber of Automotive Industry and the Automotive Industry Lawyers Association- our lawyers regularly prepare legal expert opinions, original studies and thematic webinars.

We continuously cooperate with the Association of Car Dealers and the Automotive Industry Lawyers Association.

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We also recommend our legal blog for drivers, with the latest posts on such topics as drink-driving regulations, driving bans, compensation, accidents and collisions, driving bans and conditional discontinuances of proceedings.

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Zapewniamy wyspecjalizowaną pomoc prawną dla branży motoryzacyjnej, abyś mógł skoncentrować się na swoim sukcesie w dynamicznym świecie motoryzacji.


Legal opinions, drafting and opinions on contracts, general terms and conditions of contracts, model documents. We help negotiate contractual terms and, above all, secure contracts and claims arising from them.

Legal debt collection

We have developed effective methods of debt recovery, including extensive instruments for actions at the pre-court stage and at the stage of execution, allowing for the effective search for and identification of the debtor’s assets and their securing for further execution. We have numerous cases against members of the management of debt companies, as well as paulian complaints against persons for whom the debtors have disposed of their assets.

Maintain complaints

We help our clients in conflict situations and advise on how to properly respond to consumer requests such as those concerning non-conformity of goods with the contract, warranty claims, or requests for a refund or price reduction.

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