Business law & financial transactions

Our Law Firm provides services in the field of comprehensive legal support for entrepreneurs. Natural persons running their business as well as companies are invited to cooperate with us. Our team has the necessary expertise in the field of business law.

Our Law Firm provides legal services to entrepreneurs on an ongoing basis, which is an important task that not only requires knowledge of the legal regulations, but also the economic context of the activities undertaken, as well as business analysis. We also provide legal services for specific business ventures. We advise and support our Clients at every stage of their economic activity, both in business and during the investment stage, and we also represent them in litigation and negotiations with business partners. While supporting you in negotiating and concluding specialized agreements, we offer you professional knowledge and advice on rights and obligations under public and economic law, creating a legal environment for the business activities of entrepreneurs.

Business law is an area with many complicated regulations, therefore, it is better to entrust specialists with your affairs. Our Team runs business cases with the utmost care. We safeguard your interests in a due manner and provide you with our professional support. The decision to cooperate with our Law Firm will allow you to avoid many stressful and problematic situations. All business-related issues will be dealt with in an efficient and professional manner.

How can we help?

Our assistance in issues related to business law includes support in economic matters through:

Representation of entrepreneurs before public authorities

Representation in enforcement proceedings before a bailiff.

Drawing up of pleadings

Lawsuits, motions, responses to lawsuits, objections to orders and judgments, appeals & complaints.

Representation of entrepreneurs

Representation of entrepreneurs before courts of all instances and before the Supreme Court in economic matters.

Drawing up of civil law contracts

Preparation of legal analyses and opinions.

Negotiations between parties

Attendance of a lawyer in negotiations between parties, settlement discussions between parties.

Attending customer meetings

Providing legal advice.

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