Transport & forwarding

The Law Firm TURCZA has many years of experience in providing legal services to car dealers, used car lots, and authorized car service and repair workshops as well as other entities operating in the broadly understood area of automotive industry. With our great expertise, we are able to respond precisely to the needs of entrepreneurs by providing them with full, professional support in line with their current needs, this includes the preparation of model documents and procedures, debt collection, labor law, support in the purchase or sale of properties and tax law.

Our experience relates, in particular to vehicular transport and container transport, food and perishable goods transport, and animal transport, as well as the organization of removals. Our activities are complemented by customized training in the aforementioned areas.

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Preparation of contracts with contractors and subcontractors

Properly drafted service contracts are the basis for the smooth functioning of any organization and translate into its financial success. The Law Firm TURCZA’s lawyers have extensive knowledge in drafting contracts that adequately protect the interests of the Client, in particular in the area of liability in the event of damage in transit. By undertaking comprehensive activities, we make sure that the Client’s documentation also complies with the provisions of the GDPR.


Internal documentation

Following a preliminary analysis of the entity’s activities, our specialists, propose preparation of the documentation aimed at improving the logistics and organizational processes of the Client. In particular, we develop a number of regulations, instructions and procedures, including guidelines for drivers and GTS (i.e. general terms of sale), in order to create transparent rules for those employees responsible for the functioning of all important areas of the Client’s organization, as well as to protect the Client in the case of any disputes with employees.

Legal training courses

Our goal is to educate our Clients in areas of our specializations in order to provide them with the confidence and knowledge necessary for efficient and conscientious business conduct. Online training courses and workshops are available at our website – – and most of our proposals are designed specifically with our clients in mind. Our website features, among other things, training courses dedicated to entities operating in the automotive industry.

Single Practice Area

Support in handling compensation topics

In the event of damage in transit, we provide support to our clients at every stage of the investigation of the given case, starting from the negotiations of the terms of the agreement through to letters before action and court proceedings. We have a successful track record in this area, both in proceedings against insurers and subcontractors. As a business-oriented law firm, we strive to work out the optimal solutions for the client that are the most advantageous for his business.

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