Labor law & compliance

As part of the ongoing support of entrepreneurs, our Law Firm has extensive experience in the field of labor law. In particular, we have dealt with disputes regarding compensation, reinstatements and overtime payment. We are also experienced in dealing with employment relations under employment contracts and at simultaneous appointments to corporate bodies. Particularly, in this latter area, we have repeatedly provided advice to managers and companies, and negotiated agreements for them, including those related to the ban on competition and protection of data confidentiality. We have repeatedly drawn up regulations on work, wages and the social fund, taking into account aspects of employment cost optimization.
We also provide ongoing services in relation to issues regarding labor and human resources in large, medium and small enterprises in various sectors of the economy.

We also provide ongoing services for labor and human resources matters in large, medium and small enterprises in various sectors of the economy.

We also recommend our business-related legal blogs, where we publish our latest articles on, among other things, labor law, prepared by our team.

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Employment cost optimization

Collective redundancies, disciplinary procedures, by mutual agreement of the parties, etc.

Consultancy aimed at employment cost optimization

Advice aimed at optimizing employment costs.

Employment of foreign nationals

Documentation related to the employment of foreign nationals (including Ukrainians).

Draft agreements and internal documentation

Drafting of contracts, as well as internal documentation such as work regulations, remuneration regulations or bonus regulations.

Employment issues

Both of the aforementioned, on the basis of employment contracts and civil law contracts, with particular emphasis on the ban on competition and the protection of personal data.

Employee files

Verification of the correctness of the contents of employee files (audits), with emphasis on meeting all legal requirements, including the GDPR.

Settlement of labor disputes

Unjust dismissal, harassment, etc.

Legal training courses

Legal training courses, training courses for employers and employees, litigations, arbitration and mediation.

Compliance with the GDPR

Implementation of the necessary procedures and documentation following audits.

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