turczanieruchomosci.pl: Apartment lease agreement only with energy certificate

Today we share with you the latest publication by our Team member, attorney at law Łukasz Kwaśnik. The article, “Apartment lease agreement only with energy certificate” is an important discussion of the change in the Energy Performance Law, which came into force on April 28, 2023.

The article focuses on the new regulations for apartment rentals, according to which the landlord will be required to provide the tenant with an energy performance certificate. The publication also discusses other aspects of the requirement to have an energy certificate, such as when it is required, the sanctions for its absence and the cost of its preparation. Provisions for exempting certain buildings from the certificate requirement are also addressed.

We encourage all our clients and readers to read the full article by attorney at law Łukasz Kwaśnik on our blog. It will give you a comprehensive knowledge of the new regulations on residential leases and energy certificates. Read more: https://turczanieruchomosci.pl/2023/05/09/wazne-umowa-najmu-mieszkania-tylko-ze-swiadectwem-energetycznym/.

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