Real estate and civil engineering

Experience, practice and knowledge. Cases related to real estate are complicated and there is a lot of money at stake, therefore such cases should be dealt with by proven experts. We offer the support of legal advisors who have been involved in the conclusion of transactions that are worth tens of millions of zlotys.

Our law firm specializes in handling all legal procedures related to any transactions and investment processes. We provide services to developers, companies implementing construction investments for business activities (including commercial buildings, office buildings), companies in disputes with third parties or local government authorities.

The many years of experience of our team, in serving demanding business clients, provides a guarantee of choosing the best solutions and reliable assistance..


We also recommend our website, where we provide legal services related to investments in real estate and construction processes. Moreover, we publish training courses for shareholders and present our experience in the aforementioned industry.

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Agreements and contracts

Preliminary, conditional, promised agreements for the purchase and sale of real estate, preparation of drafts of developer agreements and accompanying documents, preparation of drafts of agreements for architectural and construction designs, construction work and general contracting.

Skorzystaj z naszego doświadczenia i wiedzy w zakresie prawa gospodarczego oraz transakcji, aby osiągnąć sukces w prowadzeniu działalności biznesowej.

Judicial and administrative proceedings

We provide legal services in judicial and administrative proceedings during the construction process, lodging appeals against unfavorable administrative decisions, increase of perpetual usufruct fees.

Otrzymaj wyspecjalizowane wsparcie prawne w zakresie nieruchomości i budownictwa, aby zapewnić sobie pewność w procesach związanych z branżą.

Permits and decisions

Water-right permits, integrated permits, waste management permits, decisions on land fertilization plans, ensuring change of land use conditions and local land development plan.


Negotiations with utilities providers, local governments, administrative authorities during the construction process, agreements on the easement appurtenant.

Property execution

Execution, simplified execution, acquisition of property in the course of insolvency proceedings.

Real estate audit

Analysis of the legal status of the property, assessment of all legal aspects related to the acquisition and subsequent use of the property.

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