turczanieruchomości.pl: New regulation on technical conditions to be met by buildings and their location

The latest regulation on technical conditions for buildings has just gone into effect, and you can find all the details and the benefits it brings for residents at turczanieruchomosci.pl! Here’s an outline of what you can learn:

The fight against pathological real estate development: The Ministry of Development and Technology has introduced changes to counter the practices of rogue developers who seek to maximize profits at the expense of residents’ quality of life.

Increased privacy: The new regulations include an increase in the minimum distance between buildings and the introduction of regulations to ensure privacy on balconies, which is expected to improve residents’ comfort and prevent neighbors from peeking through the window.

Safety and aesthetics: Additional regulations on the minimum distance of manufacturing and storage facilities from residential buildings are aimed at ensuring the safety and aesthetics of urban spaces.

Better recreational spaces: An article authored by our Team member Lukasz Kwasnik, an attorney at law, also discusses new requirements for playgrounds and recreational spaces for people with special needs and their integration into the neighborhood, which benefits the community.

Innovative solutions: Comprehensive knowledge of new standards for sound insulation, bicycle and stroller storage spaces and the “Housing for Start” loan program also appears in the article.

We invite you to visit turczanieruchomosci.pl, where you can find the full article and explore more details about these exciting developments: https://turczanieruchomosci.pl/2024/02/02/nowe-rozporzadzenie-w-sprawie-warunkow-technicznych-jakim-powinny-odpowiadac-budynki-i-ich-usytuowanie/.🏠🏗️

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