The government approves the "Local Shelf" law. More Polish products in stores

Dear Readers,

We are pleased to inform you of a recent article published on our blog for the food and agriculture industry,, on the government’s initiative on the “Local Shelf” law.

The decision was made during a meeting of the Council of Ministers on December 1 of this year, and the project presented by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Anna Gembicka, is aimed at empowering farmers and promoting Polish products in stores. The “Local Shelf” project focuses on shortening the transportation route of products from field to consumer, eliminating middlemen and allowing profits to go directly to Polish farmers.

Under the initiative, markets will be required to offer at least 2/3 local fruits, vegetables, dairy products, meat products and bread. Benefits for consumers include easier access to local, Polish products, a shorter food supply chain and increased resilience to crises, while ensuring local food security.

We encourage you to read the full article on to learn more about the project and its impact on Polish agriculture. Details:

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