Satisfaction of claims secured in rem in bankruptcy proceedings

We are pleased to share with you the latest article published on our legal blog, authored by members of our Team – attorney at law Katarzyna Turcza and legal trainee Bartłomiej Teodorczyk. In the article „Satisfaction of claims secured in rem in bankruptcy proceedings”, the authors introduce important issues related to the settlement of claims in the context of bankruptcy of both companies and individuals.

In light of dynamic changes in the market, we are increasingly dealing with situations of declaring bankruptcy of various entities. For this reason, the authors decided to reliably discuss the rules on securing claims in bankruptcy proceedings, particularly focusing on issues related to mortgages and pledges.

The article analyzes the differences between a personal debtor and an in rem debtor, paying attention to their liability for default. Collaterals in rem are an important part of this context, and the authors cite examples of situations in which one person can perform both roles – personal and material debtor.

We encourage you to read this substantive article, which is valuable reading for those wishing to expand their knowledge on the aforementioned topic. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn more about this topic from reputable lawyers! Read more:

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