Katarzyna Turcza

  • Pozycja: Attorney at Law, Restructuring Advisor, Trustee
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Attorney at law, Restructuring Advisor/Trustee. In the course of her professional practice, she has participated in many complex projects involving the development of legal and business strategies for the sale of various products for professional clients, including e-commerce.

She has created complex commercial documentation aimed at protecting the rights of both Polish and foreign entrepreneurs, while meeting the consumer standards.

In addition to her experience in drafting (due diligence), and providing opinions on trade contracts, including, those related to the automotive, food and HORECA industries; she has experience in advanced methods of debt recovery, including those involving multi-level Actio Pauliana, at all stages of the civil process.

She studied French and European law as part of a program run by the Lodz University in cooperation with the University of Tours, obtaining a Master’s degree in European Law (juriste europeen) at Master 2 level. She is fluent in French (DALF and C1 certificate) and English.

As a trustee and civil law practitioner, Mrs. Turcza actively participates in national scientific conferences, writes publications and conducts workshops for students.

Her main interests include the theater, health and literature.


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