Publication by attorney at law Katarzyna Turcza in the pages of "OOH Magazine"

Dear all,

An article by attorney at law Katarzyna Turcza has appeared on the “OOH Magazine” website, and this article discusses issues related to the marketing of products.

The article addresses the issue of who is actually the manufacturer of a product and who markets it. Legal definitions are cited, explaining that the intention of the entity marketing the product is irrelevant, as well as whether the product was made available to the other party for a fee or not. According to the A.B.P., a product is defined as any movable thing new or used, as well as repaired or reconditioned, intended for use by consumers or likely to be used by consumers.

The article also discusses situations in which a product manufactured by another entity and marketed under the company of another manufacturer is modified. In such a case, there are doubts about who really remains the manufacturer of the product.

The article can help many entrepreneurs understand the issues related to the marketing of products and ensure the legal security of their business. We invite you to read the article on the “OOH Magazine” website. Link to the article: