Transfer of author's economic rights to an architectural project vs. their real protection

The transfer of economic copyrights in an architectural design is an extremely important issue, both for designers and for those interested in exercising these rights. The article by attorney-at-law Lukasz Kwasnik, which can be found on our legal blog, is an excellent source of knowledge on this issue and the real protection of copyrights.

The analysis focuses on key aspects of the copyright transfer process, emphasizing, among other things, that the transfer agreement covers only the economic rights to the work, leaving the author’s personal rights untouched. In addition, the article explains the necessity of precisely defining the scope of the transfer of rights and making changes to the design in accordance with the law, without compromising the integrity of the work. In the context of protecting the designer’s rights, the reader is introduced to the possible claims and legal sanctions that may arise in the event of copyright infringement.

The article is essential reading for anyone interested in the process of transferring copyrights in architectural designs, and for those concerned with the correct application of legal regulations in this regard. Details at

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