Copyright in works created with artificial intelligence

We encourage you to read an article on copyright in the context of artificial intelligence, written by our experienced lawyer Agnieszka Anna Rymdejko. Nowadays, with the rapid development of new technologies, more and more companies see the great added value of implementing tools based on artificial intelligence. However, along with this dynamic development also come complex issues related to copyright protection.

The article examines current copyright laws and challenges to copyright for works created with artificial intelligence. It is worth understanding that under current law, in order for a work to be considered a “work” and subject to legal protection, it must have certain characteristics, such as being the result of human labor (the creator) and having an individual character.

However, current legislation does not explicitly clarify the status of works generated by artificial intelligence, which creates some ambiguities and interpretive challenges. This article is a guide to these issues, offering the reader clear explanations and guidance on understanding and applying copyright law in the context of AI.

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