Author's rights to the work published on YouTube channel and social networks

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In today’s world, where the role of social media and streaming services is constantly growing, it is important to understand who actually owns the rights to the published content and what risks come with not knowing about it. The article, authored by legal trainee Bartlomiej Teodorczyk, provides a comprehensive discussion of copyright issues in the context of online activities. It presents the most important issues concerning the transfer of copyrights, contracts with social media agencies, as well as publishing content on popular streaming platforms.

Have you wondered who owns the content on social profiles? What are the consequences of publishing material on Facebook or Instagram? How to legally publish videos on streaming services? You will find the answers to these questions and many practical tips in the article. We encourage you to read, which will allow you to better understand the complexities of copyright law in the context of modern media and effectively protect your rights in the virtual world. Details:

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