Higher liability and AC for traffic pirates

The Act of December 2, 2021, amending the Road Traffic Law and certain other laws, introduced major changes to the OC and AC regulations. Traffic pirates have something to fear – insurance rates may depend on the number of penalty points you have. Driving according to the rules will keep the basic rate, while OC and AC may increase as the number of penalty points increases.

In connection with the bill, the insurance company will gain access to data on traffic violations and offenses, as well as penalty points, found in the Central Register of Vehicles and Drivers. This is a target solution, as currently – until technical solutions are in place – insurance companies will obtain information on offenses from the Insurance Guarantee Fund. Based on the information contained in the registry, the companies will be able to price OC and AC, adjusting them according to the number of penalty points they have. The data contained in the registry covers a two-year period, so the insurer will also be able to price OC and AC based on penalty points earned even two years ago.

It is worth noting that the changes only allow insurers to learn about a given driver’s history of misdemeanors and offenses, but do not impose an obligation to raise the insurance premium for a traffic pirate.

The regulations will take effect on June 17, 2022.

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