The Law Firm Network: Global Employment Law – Fact Sheet (2023)

Entrepreneur, if you are considering hiring employees abroad or planning to expand your company outside Poland, we have valuable information for you.

We present the “Global Employment Law Review – Fact Sheet 2023”, a comprehensive compilation of current labor law issues based on the legal systems of 20 countries from different corners of the world.

The aim of the Fact Sheet is to provide entrepreneurs with key information who are considering hiring workers abroad. Valuable knowledge was compiled by labor law experts from renowned law firms that are part of The Law Firm Network. The Labor Law Department from our TURCZA Law Firm was responsible for the Polish part.

For free access, please click on the link below leading directly to the material, or feel free to use the widget below. The materials we created can be found on page 59, and we hope you find this information valuable. Read more: