turczanieruchomosci.pl: Notification of works that do not require a building permit vs. objection

In the world of construction investments, you don’t always have to deal with the onerous formalities of obtaining a building permit. In our latest post, “Notification of works not requiring a building permit vs. objections” on turczanieruchomosci.pl, we discuss investments that can only be developed through a notification of construction with a building project.

This is important information for anyone planning to develop their investments that do not require a building permit. Learn which projects you can develop through a construction notification, as well as what steps to take to avoid the hassles associated with a lack of notification or objections from architectural and construction authorities. Safe and lawful investments are within your reach!

Are you reading our site to stay up to date on construction law? Łukasz Kwaśnik, attorney at law specializing in real estate law and investment processes, provides reliable information and advice on the latest changes in construction regulations at turczanieruchomosci.pl. Read more: https://turczanieruchomosci.pl/2023/10/06/zgloszenie-robot-niewymagajacych-pozwolenia-na-budowe-a-sprzeciw/.

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ZGŁOSZENIE ROBÓT NIEWYMAGAJĄCYCH POZWOLENIA NA BUDOWĘ A SPRZECIW, Inwestycje niewymagające pozwolenia na budowę, termin na złożenie przez organ sprzeciwu, legalizacja samowoli budowlanej