The publication by attorney at law Katarzyna Turcza in the latest issue of „OOH Magazine”

The new „OOH Magazine” is more than a collection of articles – it is an authentic meeting with leading executives and unique conversations with representatives of the advertising industry. It is also an inspiring compendium of industry news, practical case studies and substantive columns. In short, it’s an edition that brings the latest knowledge to the world of advertising.

It is not only the rich content that makes this edition unique. The knowledge base also includes the Exhibitors’ Directory of the 15th Anniversary Edition of the Marketing Festival, which provides comprehensive information about the key participants in the event. This is an excellent opportunity to get to know the advertising environment in its full spectrum.

And that’s not all! The latest issue of the magazine will feature an article written by a member of our Team attorney at law Katarzyna Turcza, titled. „Will robots replace us? A few words on the responsibility of artificial intelligence”. This is an important reflection on the evolution of technology, which encourages us to think more deeply about the impact of artificial intelligence on our lives. The article can be found on page 66 at the following link: and below.

We heartily encourage you to read it!

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