Publication by legal counsel Łukasz Kwaśnik in the quarterly "Developer & Marketing" magazine

The latest issue of the quarterly “Deweloper & Marketing” is now available, and in it is an article written by our Team member, attorney Lukasz Kwasnik. “The Landscape Law and the Future of Outdoor Advertising” raises a very important issue, which concerns current changes in regulations related to real estate development projects.

In his article, mec. Kwaśnik focuses on the issue of the amendment of the Law on Real Estate Developers and the changes introduced to affect the safety of investments and increase the protection of home buyers. The author presents the key aspects of the changes in an accessible and understandable manner, and points out their practical consequences for developers and those interested in acquiring real estate.

This publication is relevant to all those who are involved in the real estate industry and those who are planning to purchase an apartment. Therefore, we encourage you to read this valuable source of knowledge, which can help you understand the new regulations and increase the security of your investment. The article is available at the link on page 38: or below.

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