Free portion of legal knowledge for entrepreneurs - new e-learning courses

Using TURCZA Law Firm’s e-learning platform – – we have prepared three free legal training courses for you. Each of the trainings has been designed to provide interesting and necessary information for entrepreneurs in a formula that is accessible and takes as little time as possible.

E-learnings are thus pills of knowledge, the acquisition of which in other circumstances would usually be a difficult, lengthy process and requiring additional verification in a clique of reliable sources. In our materials, TURCZA’s lawyers share with you their expertise based not only on their knowledge of current laws, but also grounded in many years of practice in the profession of legal counsel or advocate. Thanks to such a formula, by devoting a moment of your attention you will acquire information useful in the course of business.

Each of the e-courses ends with a short summary quiz. You will be able to assess yourself on the basis of the quiz and determine whether you have acquired the knowledge or need to consolidate it further.

We kindly invite you to view our legal e-learning courses and contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Learn about free e-learning

We also recommend our website, where training courses and e-learning prepared by our Team appear. The trainings are conducted by practitioners – attorneys and legal advisors who advise on a daily basis, provide opinions, take part in litigation or business negotiations. The quality of our training services is confirmed by the SUS 2.0 certificate awarded by DEKRA Certification Sp. z o.o.