Trends Legal Magazine - Labor Law | Data Protection and Employment (2022)

As part of The Law Firm Network organization, we have participated in the preparation of the latest issue of TRENDS Legal Magazine – Employment Law | Data Protection and Employment Volume 1: The recruitment and on-boarding stage.

One of the characteristic features of labor law is the great variability and breadth of the areas regulated by this branch of law. An important and particularly interesting area of labor law for HR professionals, employers and employees alike is data protection. That is why we have compiled this issue of TRENDS, which contains information on data protection in many countries around the world. The publication addresses data protection issues in employment at the recruitment and onboarding stages. The information is presented as an answer to a set of key questions. The next publication will address data protection issues in an ongoing employment relationship, and the last will cover data protection issues after the employment relationship has ended.

We sincerely hope that you will find this guide useful in your daily work.