Our mission

Turcza Legal Office was established with the aim to provide ongoing, professional and easily available legal service for entrepreneurs, covering all aspects of business activity.

“Your “right-hand man”
in business

Our mission is to be “a right-hand man in business” since our wish is to be perceived by our Clients as:

  • their first source of legal information,
  • professional and proficient support in all legal matters,
  • ongoing and inseparable part of their daily business operations,
  • reliable source of legal knowledge, a partner who will always reach out a helping hand.

A team of professionals

Our team is a group of lawyers with diverse and wide range of professional experience.

Individually and altogether we have taken part in legal undertakings of our Clients at different levels of complexity.

Non-stop availability

In other words – when it comes to legal matters of our Clients we would like to be their right-hand man – always available, supportive, permanently connected with Client’s business operations, and – first and foremost – reliable and trustworthy.

That is why, in relations with our Clients we accent sustainability of bilateral relations. We believe that building-up lasting Clients relationship is a time-consuming but necessary process, that results in bilateral satisfaction.

As a team of young and energetic lawyers we believe in the purpose and validity of such model of cooperation with our Clients and successfully put it in practice throughout lat ten-odd years. Working as in-house counsels in large corporations we’ve learnt to understand the meaning of consistency and availability of a lawyer as a mean to assure well-functioning of our Clients’ businesses. Basing on our experiences, we decided to put this knowledge into practice and make sure that it translates into professional organization of our Legal Office.

Each of us has his or her favorite fields of law and areas of interest that we constantly develop. For this reason we are a structure designed to support entrepreneurs as a complementary and mutually coherent team of professionals.

Experience and knowledge

Our actions are determined not only by the code of professional conduct of a legal counsel, but also good business ethics. The main objective of Turcza Law Firm is to provide our Clients with high quality legal service, based on ongoing analysis and interpretation of changes in law provisions.

You can trust us

We invite You to chose our Law Firm – we hope to give You a helping hand and become Your right-hand man in business.


We are looking forward to doing business with You!



Being aware of the specific nature of the profession of a legal counsel, which involves some strictly defined professional duties, we strive to provide some free of charge legal protection to the people who, for various reasons, found themselves in a difficult financial situation.

In addition to the individuals, we offer our voluntary legal support to non-governmental institutions such as foundations, organizations and associations that do not have sufficient funds to seek paid legal aid.  

The decision to award professional legal assistance is made individually, basing on the analysis of the particularly difficult circumstances demonstrated by the entity seeking help. The Law Firm reserves the right to refuse to award free legal aid.

The Firm remains in constant cooperation by providing legal services pro bono to the



We support athletes and sports clubs on pro bono basis. These cases are often complex and challenging to handle due to emotions inseparably related to all sports games.

Team provides legal help to the athletes so contributing to the development of sports disciplines and fair-play competition in our country.

Moreover, we handle the cases of international range, that require good command of foreign languages as well as knowledge of foreign legal systems.

Our legal office support motorcycle club





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    TURCZA Kancelaria Radców Prawnych

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    Telefon: +48 61 666 37 60
    E-mail: kancelaria@turcza.com.pl

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