Tomasz Wróblewski

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Attorney at Law/Trustee. He specializes in business law (corporate law, trade contracts, bankruptcy law), civil law (obligations, real estate, debt collection) and labor law (including educational law). He provides comprehensive legal services to entrepreneurs, including partnerships and companies (e.g., he provides permanent legal services to one of the largest limited liability companies in the Subcarpathia region, which employs 2,000 employees), creates and supervises the proper maintenance of the corporate documentation of companies, serves their entities (management board, supervisory board, shareholders’ meeting), and represents entrepreneurs in court trials.

His experience and expertise in substantive and procedural law was gained during his law studies at the Jagiellonian University in Cracow (completed with a very good result), and then during his 3-year legal training in the Court of Appeals in Rzeszow (completed with the judge’s exam giving him a very good result).

He completed his postgraduate studies in tax law at the Higher School of Administration and Law in Lublin. He worked in the criminal and civil divisions of the District Court in Stalowa Wola, as well as in a Cracow notary’s office, and practiced in one of the best law firms of attorneys at law in Cracow.
Mr Wróblewski is the author of sample letters, agreements and regulations in the field of business law and labor law made available in the Lex Polonica legal information system of the Lexis Nexis publishing house.

During the sixth term of the Polish Parliament (Sejm), he provided legal services to the Office of a Deputy in Sandomierz, participating in discussions concerning the creation of draft normative acts implemented in the Polish legal system.

He holds a trustee’s license that authorizes him to conduct bankruptcy proceedings.

He is fluent in English (Certificate in Advance English – University of Cambridge) and has a communicative command of German (Österriech Institute in Cracow).


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