Wawrzyniec Malinowski

  • Pozycja: Attorney at Law, Of counsel
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Attorney-at-law/Trustee. Wawrzyniec Malinowski deals with procedural law, particularly the bankruptcy process and compensation proceedings. Having been a trustee since 2006, he also has practical experience in bankruptcy law.

As part of his experience, he specializes both in the judicial and extrajudicial corporate restructuring process.

As a representative and legal advisor, he has participated in more than a dozen composition proceedings since starting in 2009.

He has experience in negotiations with financial institutions. As part of his legal assistance, he cooperates with specialists in management and finance, supporting the non-legal processes of implementing changes in restructured entities. At the same time, he has experience in the area of procedural law, with a particular emphasis on proceedings related to the liability of the governing bodies of companies.



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