Michał Klauziński

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Michał Klauziński gained his professional experience as early as the second year of his studies, working in renowned law firms of barristers and attorneys at law in Poznan that specialize in serving business entities. Thanks to this early start of his professional career, he has gained experience in effective debt collection and the ability to efficiently negotiate agreements.

During his professional career to date, he has participated in many complex projects for our Law Firm’s clients, such as participation in conducting legal audits of companies (due diligence).

He specializes in providing day-to-day legal services to business entities, in particular, in the preparation of the minutes of shareholders’ meetings of the entire capital group.

He has also participated in a number of processes of company incorporation, transformation and broadly understood changes. As a result of this, he has handled almost all types of commercial companies in his area of specialization.

He tries to approach each and every case individually, in order to achieve the final result intended by the client as efficiently as possible.

He spends his free time developing his culinary skills.



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