Marta Rabe-Kozłowska

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Attorney at law Marta Rabe-Kozłowska completed her training to become an attorney at law at the Bar Association of Attorneys at Law in Poznan. She gained her experience working in Law Firms of Attorneys-at-law of in Poznan, where, on an ongoing basis she provided her services, among other things, to commercial law companies, including those belonging to capital groups, and dealt with cases related to the area of commercial law, contract law and bankruptcy law, both in Polish and in English.

She has extensive experience as a translator (interpreter and translator) of legal texts, in particular, economic agreements in the broad sense; she has also conducted original language workshops in Legal English.
She completed her postgraduate studies in the area of labor law and labor dispute resolution. She specializes in implementing CRBR (compliance) solutions and procedures for organizations: AML, GDPR, whistleblower protection. 
She is a member of the Private Law Association at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan.


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